Some people think that schools are no longer necessary because children can get so much information available through the Internet while others believe that nothing can replace physical classrooms with direct guidance from teachers.Discuss both views( and give your own opinion).

It is believed by one group of pupils that because all the contents related to studies are available on the web, students don_t require educational institutions to impart knowledge.


, the other half is of the view that physically attending school and getting a personal touch is irreplaceable. I am of the opinion that, while the content on the web being offered in form of courses is increasing day by day but the experience of assistance from a mentor cannot be substituted.

Vast areas to excel and get yourself trained for the job of your dream is now possible because of the net connection availability and anytime accessible popular browsers like Google. They are making it possible for the studying individuals to equip themselves with any


of data for their learning purpose at just their fingertips. Along with that, the location factor is no longer a hindrance to the process and the pupils can get enrolled on their country of choice. Certification of completion being by websites like Coursera, edX, UpGrad are a few of the popular examples offering these kinds of services.


on the other hand



the web platforms are there to fill the gap in any


of doubts being faced, the actual


of routine of going to class and education as well as emotional intelligence being developed is unmatchable.


, it is helping to instil soft skills, team building and cooperative working

in addition

to the cognitive development of students is happening along the way to getting a degree from college. These are the most preferred criteria for selection and recruitment in any


of organization. A good example is a top tier MNCs, who are on the look to hire the graduates of high ranking institutions and would be willing to retain


person in comparison to those having just some


of validation of completion of coursework.

To sum up, the best


of pathway for the youth to a successful road is growing and finishing their academics




, by the usage of the net to bridge any


of missing information or double-checking facts.

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