Some people think that physical strength is important for success in sport, while other people think that mental strength is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In the sport_s world, winning and taking home the beacon


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the highest


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one athlete could achieve. Sportspeople must train well to reach their physical potentials and must protect their mental


for them to have continuous success.

Playing sports requires an individual to have endurance and resilience no matter how long or how difficult the


situation is. Players in a team or even in an individual sport have their own coach to train and educate them more about the


itself. Teach them strategies and plays that will help the team to outsmart their opponent and eventually win. Many physical training sessions are strongly imposed on the players from cardio to strenuous training for them to build their stamina. Getting injured during


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training or in a


must be avoided at all cost because these injuries affect the performance of the athlete and worst it can end their career in sports.

As the athletes trained their body, their mental


must be trained as well. Most of the athletes forgot how their mental state is as important as their physical. Oftentimes, those players that have experienced a very difficult situation in their past games develop uneasiness when the same situation arises. Some develop sudden and unexplained loss of skills because of

build up

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anxiety that has not been taken care of when it started. Many sports companies now know how mental prowess can impact their players_ performances and so they will hire not just physical


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psychologists to assess and stabilize their players_ state of mind before a scheduled


, especially the big ones.

Having said all that, mental


is as important as physical


in sports. Stable mindset and strong stamina


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excellent performances and as a responsible sportsperson, one must train the hardest to achieve



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