Some people think that personal happiness is directly related to economic success. Others argue that happiness depends on different factors. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In today_s world, there is a debate on the rise on whether money buys happiness or there are other factors too behind it. Undoubtedly, the economy plays a huge role in a person_s growth


factors like simplicity and gratitude


contribute to a jolly existence. I, in


essay, will shed some light on both aspects before reaching a logical conclusion.

On one hand, economic growth is of paramount importance as it is proportional to happiness.


, financial independence is a must and from a female_s perspective, it is indispensable. To give a clear example, if at all there is a rift between a couple, and they choose to part ways, a financially independent woman would cope better than a dependent lady.



to afford a living for your family monetary success can_t be ignored. Due to the same reason, a human can avail various facilities like better health care, education, food and beauty products.

On the flip side, happiness is contingent upon an array of factors and the most common being an internal dialogue with oneself. If an individual doesn_t consider being worthy of joy,


no amount of wealth can buy him that feeling. To exemplify, Deepika Padukone who is India_s most popular and quite cherished actress underwent depression.


, she is among the 1% of the rich Indian population


, she was gripped by sadness. On top of that, a basic amount of gratitude and simplicity in life can guide towards contentment.To illustrate, there is a Youtube channel called Gareeb Eater where the host demonstrates satisfaction even while dealing with a hand to mouth situation.


, proving in a way that being happy is a journey inside-out.


In conclusion, I opine that one has to strike a balance between finances and other causes bringing bliss. These are like two separate gardens, one being tangible and the other intangible. Not only being wealthy is imperative but


being mentally sane. Because a healthy mind is essentially the key to a content life.

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