Some people think that parents should give their children complete freedom. Others feel that parents should limit their children_s freedom. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Every parent has his own way of raising an infant. While some


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in complete freedom, others are of the opinion that it should be restricted.


essay will shed some light on both views before reaching a reasoned conclusion.

Many parents advocate giving their offspring_s complete freedom.


is because they believe that ,


the toddler will feel suffocated and


will not grow up in an environment conducive to his development.

For instance

, by not restricting a youngster_s choice, he will be free to make his own decisions and feel fulfilled and content.


, I would side with the belief that unbridled parenting can result in


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adolescent going astray. By not having an authority figure, a youth can grow up being disrespectful to others.

On the other hand

, some parents limit their children_s freedom for some obvious reasons. One of which being that the children may not be mature enough to make good reasoned decisions. Many youngsters,

for example

, are easily influenced by peer pressure into trying dangerous activities


as drugs and smoking. Needless to say, that it is more advisable for parents to counsel their children and


give them the opportunity to make their own choices.

As a result



would strengthen the parent-youth bond and give the youth enough space to experience life.

In conclusion, I believe that unbridled parenting, can be detrimental to the youth and at


a young age, parental supervision is crucial for his development.

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