Some people think that it is beneficial to travel abroad, but others think it is unnecessary because we have the internet and TV. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

As technology advanced, especially on the internet, there has been a lot of changes in the major aspects of people_s life. Some argue that travelling to other countries has positive effects on people.


, others insist that direct


is no longer meaningful for people who want go on a trip to abroad since we can


many things and go everywhere indirectly through the internet. I strongly agree with a




essay will highlight both types of trip_s features.

To begin

with, we should think about pandemic circumstance. There is an expression of corona blue, which came from nowadays_ situations. Since strict social distance rules, Many people feel trapped in their home that can lead to depression.


, If they can get a chance which can enjoy virtual trips, they_re feeling can be much better. Some people insist that fully taking advantage of TV and Internet to understand other countries has various advantages. One of the conspicuous positive points is that it will give cost efficiency compared to the traditional methods to


abroad as it does not require people to buy the flight ticket or to stay in extravagant hotels for a couple of nights.


, If we can set

this situations

this situation
these situations

aside and focus on the value of


what you can get during your abroad trip,




is the best way to learn another countries_ cultures, languages and even lifestyles.


, without actual


, we can miss many parts of the countries where you want to know.

For example

, I watched historical drama about England, which name is Crown, but I still don_t know much about there.


, It is meaningful for you to choose where to go and what to eat in tour time. If you go on a trip directly, you can enjoy what you want


of others_ choices.

In conclusion, each method has its own comparative advantage. It is quite hard to say which one is more advantageous than other methods since people will weigh differently according to their preference.


, I personally prefer to have the traditional way to


abroad country since I like to


in person.

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