Some people think that increasing communication usage of computers and mobile phones by young people has had a negative effect on their reading and writing skills. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There is no doubt that technology has been disseminated everywhere and It is believed by a segment of society that increasing communication via technology


as laptops, cell phones and so on has had a detrimental impact on reading and writing proficiency of young individuals.


, I disagree with


notion to some extent, which I intend to discuss in the subsequent paragraphs.
Mobile applications and desktop software, which provide language supports, have been developed to make user_s life easier, but unfortunately plays a sterling role to exacerbate their language skills. It is generally seen that youngsters these days have installed applications


as Grammarly, MS-Word in their gadgets which helps them to write correct by using auto correction tools, thereby making them oblivious about right and wrong words. Apart from


, communicating via social chatting applications,

for example

, WhatsApp, Facebook and so on, makes people habitant of using slang words and abbreviations which


put them in troubles while doing class presentations, colleagues group discussions and formal meetings as it becomes arduous for them to not to use informal terms.


, it worsens reading and writing skills of young office workers.
Communicating with the help of technology proves beneficial as software used by


devices provide hints of possible vocabulary while writing, not only improves writing skills but


increases cognitive skills of users.


, ease of any time availability for chatting, owing to having mobile phones would make reading and writing skills of individuals more ameliorate.

For instance

, if an employee is writing an email to his or her senior on the laptop, it would be easy for one to write good and error free writing.


, sharing views via electronic devices boosts


To conclude,


communicating with electronic gadgets have a few demerits, it seems more conducive in terms of providing lists of vocabulary lists, improving cognitive skills and easing in accessing devices helps in honing language skills of individuals.

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