Some people think that goverment is wasting money on the arts, and that this money could be spent elsewhere. To what extent to you agree with this view?

Few people consider that the regime is spending wealth on the arts,

also that

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also, that


money should be spent somewhere which is better for the society. While I disagree that the spending capital on art is a waste of resources, I do feel that some funding should be allocated for the welfare of the public.

To begin

with, arts is an essential part of culture which allows people not only to express their creativity, but


their opinions, their feelings and emotions.

For instance

, arts institutions organizing different events provide a great opportunity to artists not only to share their ideas with the public, but


to shed light on the critical social issues. Art shows to future generations which they remember that how our ancient people fought for our nation, our culture, and for our society.


the ministry should support


idea and put some resources to it.




spending on the arts, ministry should not forget to fulfil the basic public needs, it is occasionally observed when election time comes.

For example

, In the India power spend


of wage to build a statue


of spending it for poor people or for hospitals, schools and many more. Which is helpful for needy citizens. To make a powerful national union should support them to come into the light of the vast growing world.

In conclusion, while others people opinion may vary, in my view, there is no waste of fund in supporting the arts, but the welfare of the public should be the top priority of the politics when it comes to allocation of resource.

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