Some people think that foreign visitors should be charged more than locals when they visit cultural and tourist attractions in a country. To what extent do you agree with this view?

Certain individuals believe that when visiting tourist and cultural attractions of a nation, foreign visitors should pay more than local people.


essay strongly disagrees with the aforementioned statement.


essay will


, discuss that nation by charging more from foreign tourist will enable cultural difference between people and


, outline that foreigners will not visit


countries if they will have to pay more.
It is clear that when foreign tourists will pay more for visiting historical places and other monuments, the nation is developing segregation among people on the basis of their culture.


is to say, foreigners will believe that just because they belong to a different religion, the province they are visiting is not treating them equalling and


, they are asked to pay more.

As a result

, it will portray a bad image of the country reduce the amount of tourists.
Apart from


, if the countries will charge more from foreign tourists, they will stop visiting the country because of high expenses.

In other words

, foreign people have already spent a huge amount of their income in buying tickets, booking hotels and food. If the countries will


force them to pay high ticket costs for visiting monuments. They will eliminate the idea of a trip to that province. As a consequence, the country_s will attract a less number of tourists.
To conclude, In my opinion, I vehemently agree, that province who charge huge amount of money from foreigners for visiting monuments, will not only exhibit the image of promoting cultural discrimination but will


attract a less number of tourists.

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