Some people think that children should learn how advertisements try to persuade them in school. Do you agree or disagree?

Advertising is considered to be the most common method followed by the vast majority of corporations.


it is an effective marketing tool for the seller to market their product, I believe children should be certainly be made aware of


deceptive means at the very school level.

To begin

with, the idea of showing the real picture of adverts by the teachers would be definitely of great help.


is mainly because an educational institution is a place where the lessons taught are taken seriously and if the harmful effects of these advertised products are explained at the institution, children are less likely to buy them. Children are commonly seen pestering their parents to buy them Kinderjoy

for example

, which is advertised by their favourite cartoon character. Ironically, it contains ingredients which may lead to hyperactivity among children;


,being consumed on a large scale due to its popularity. Here, the role of a teacher is critical as they can make them realize about the ill-effects


products may have on them.


, certain expensive products are specially endorsed by famous superheroes which again influences the buying pattern of children. They insist their parents for fulfilling their frivolous demands as parents can see other children


possessing the same article making them helpless. These lessons on differentiating between the product they need and the one they want by not getting carried away by the flashy musical advertisements by the school authorities would not only be advantageous for the children by for the parents too by reducing the burden on their pocket.


, there is a high possibility of making children a wise buyer at a very early age.

To conclude, it is unarguably true selling the product by hook or by crook is the strategy of marketing agencies while schools and parents can collectively play an instrumental role in educating their children in making the right buy.

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