Some people think that cars are the best way to travel in a city, while others think that bicycle is better. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion?

It is a highly debated issue whether the car is the best mode of transport for travelling to urban areas or bicycle.


essay will intend to analyse both the views along with my perspective.

On the one hand, some people opine that the use of the car is the ideal way of commuting to the cities. The most predominant one is convenience which can solely provide with the assistance of


. To explain it, in


competitive world a majority of multitudes have become workaholics and they do not have spare


for riding the cycle because of


-consuming tasks but with the help of ,


they can save their valuable



For example

, a headline of the famous channel BBC (BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION) revealed that 40% of employees arrived on


at their workplaces because they used


to arrive at their work premises.




play an imperative role in individuals_ lives by providing them with amenities.

On the other hand

, few masses are in the favour of bicycles due to numerous reasons which allure to use the cycles. The most prominent is the environment-friendly vehicles which contribute to decreasing the proportion of greenhouse gases as well as good for their health. To explicate it, most of the youngers are living sedentary lifestyles by using


but by riding the cycles, they can do exercise and stretch their muscles which can prohibit obesity.

For instance

, a survey was conducted by the World Health Department found that 40 % of people are living a healthy lifestyle due to riding the cycle on the regular basis for going to the cities.


, cycles help humans to stay healthy and maintain their weight.

In conclusion,


few supporters argue that


help them to save their


in the competitive world but I believe that the advantages of bicycles are outweighed them


as reducing the temperature on the earth and providing support for them to lose weight.

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