Some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged. Others believe that children who are taught to co-operate rather than compete become more useful adults. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Some people believe that it is important to encourage children to be competitive, while others think children will become more useful adults if co-operation is taught.


essay will discuss both opinions.
A sense of competition clearly encourages children to make more effort, and


it hones their skills and intellect.


, competition like


puts pressure on these young people and they may only think about winning. Having that, youngsters may find alternative ways just to win, like cheating.




on the other hand

, provides a



understanding of teamwork among the children. They share their ideas and put it all together until they finish their given task. Since there are no pressures attached, they tend to become lax and may not give their best contribution to the team.
In conclusion, a sense of competition can definitely bring the best out of a child. I believe that competitive children become more useful adults than those who co-operate. Most children who come top in class are irrevocably competitive. With proper guidance, they can achieve positive results through positive ways and attain their dreams. These children will soon be an enormous contribution and be useful elements in our society in the near future.

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