Some people think it_s better to choose friends who always have the same opinions as them. other people believe it_s good to have friends who sometimes disagree with them. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Friends and their opinion play a crucial role in everyone_s life and it

has been


a topic of debate these

days whether

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days, whether

people should have friends with

same views

the same views

or not. In my perspective, I believe that it is always beneficial to have a friend with similar but honest viewpoints.

To embark on, there are umpteen factors why it is valuable to have good friends with common opinions. The primary reason is that friends with identical opinions always understand each other better.

In other words

, if two people have the same kind of thinking, they will support each other in difficult situations as they know how the other is feeling at that time.

For instance

, if someone is facing a crisis in his life, friends will always help that person to cope up



that problem by providing moral support or any other assistance they



at that time.


, there will fewer fights or arguments as they share some sort of chemistry.

For instance

, when both friends have an alike point of views, they will not make any wrong judgement about the other individual for his thinking.

On the other hand

, it is generally said it is good to have friends who share contradicting opinions, as they have rational thinking. They will always tell about the negative consequences of different situations. To illustrate, if people are going to make bad decisions, friends with dissimilar views will alarm them about their choices and prevent them from harming themselves.




important in some

cases but

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cases, but

not always true in all the cases.


, according to me,


friends should always be supportive and share the same thinking, it depends on the situations they are in.

For instance

, if one pal is feeling low in his life due to some unfortunate circumstances, other should always offer support and comfort

them but

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them, but

if other needs advice from them, they should always give honest and true guidance


of always agreeing with each other.

To conclude, according to the above analysis, it is evident that friends should be

cooperative but

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cooperative, but

their opinions should be unbiased of their friendship.

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