Some people think it would be a good idea for schools to teach every young person how to be a good parent. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Describe the skills a person needs to be a good parent.

It is a debatable issue that parental skills should be taught in school. Some segments of society believe that a course about becoming good parents must be offered in school how to perform like an ideal parent. I completely disagree with it and I would like to discuss some reasons in the following paragraphs.

To begin

with, school is for getting academic and business knowledge to become successful in professional life. It is true, learning of child-caring is necessary but it will not help us to get a job, manage financial things and so forth.

For instance

, a student is studying computer subjects,


he/she should learn online earning skills during the study as an extra skill, It will help him/her to manage financial profit or loss which is the paramount thing at




of studying child caring strategies which are not required at



In addition

, my personal point of view is adolescents should be learnt from their families. They should observe their parents


of studying parental management books.

For example

, there are two persons, the


one is a reader who reads books about parenting management and the


one observes and judges the practical things on daily basis. Both reader and observer cannot same juvenile caring responsibility. The observer would perform better as compared to the reader. why? because he/she had practical observing to manage the child.

In conclusion, schools courses should only be about academic study rather than


Change preposition

It seems that preposition use may be incorrect here.

show examples

parental skills learning because the student can stable himself at


stage and


practical experience is better than theoretical.


, I would like to suggest students should study professional subjects in schools. They will automatically learn when they will become parents.

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