Some people think governments should take measures to improve the health of citizens. Other think it must be managed by individuals. Discuss both sides and give your opinions.

There are both sociological and economic reasons to develop a healthy lifestyle and habits among individuals. After all, healthy citizens are the biggest asset of a nation.


, some people argue that the government should play an active role in ensuring that its citizens lead a healthy habit. Others feel that it is up to the individual to decide how they should live. In my opinion, health is mainly a matter of individual responsibility. Even so, the government can do to promote a healthy behaviour among its people.


of all, it is true that state intervention can help to live a healthy lifestyle. The reason for their beliefs is that awareness campaigns and facilities can be provided by the government efforts.


, the state can display articles in newspapers and organize different programs regarding its people physical conditions.

For example

, the authority can make vaccination mandatory for the citizens. Despite the fact that vaccines are safe and effective, several communities refuse to administer them to their juvenile due to religious and other invalid reasons.


, by enacting laws that make vaccinations mandatory,


rule can save millions of children from the clutches of diseases and death.


, green areas like parks in cities and gyms with minimal charges can motivate citizens to exercise on a daily basis.


, the state should make laws that are detrimental to the well-being of its people.

For instance

, Banning of smoking in public places can save the nonsmokers from the ill effects of passive smoking.

On the other hand

, others assume that an individual is responsible for their dietary preferences and exercise regime. Both balanced diet and physical workouts actually determine whether a person is leading a healthy life or not.


, in


fast pace world, maintaining discipline with regards to food and fitness is extremely difficult which can be achieved only with personal effort. Even, most of the people are not aware of the consequences of their actions


as eating junk food and spending plethora of times in front of the tv and computer.


, some males and females are too lazy and they do not want to change their ways of living.


, in order to stay physically and mentally healthy as well as lead a better life, they should stay away from bad habits like smoking and drinking.

To conclude


, there are numerous things that the politics can do to improve the fitness of its citizens.


, the authority alone cannot create a healthy society. Individuals need to make a conscious effort too.

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