Some people think employers should not care about the way their employees dress, but the quality at work. To what extent you agree or disagree?

The one thing that should be highly noticed by employers in their employees, should be their quality at work. In my opinion, I firmly agree that bosses should only care about the services provided by their workers and nothing else. The essay below elaborately explains my perspective.

To begin

with, a company only flourishes when the workers performing puts their 100% to accomplish things. And


is only possible when the aura in the office revolves around services related stuff and not other things like dress code. To illustrate, it is often seen that when bosses make rules about dress code the staff becomes really disappointed

as a result

the only topic for discussion among them becomes


. They become disoriented and less focused.


, they start performing badly.


, targets are not met and after a certain point, the company loses reputation in the market.


, it is very important to make sure that labour-related discussions are at priority in offices.


, during interviews, the proprietor selects individuals whose dressing style is liked by them which turns out to be super disadvantageous in the long run for the establishment.

For instance

, selecting someone for a higher post just based on their clothes and not their merits and potential causes them to lose some of the best labourers.


, with no experienced people, the corporation performs awfully and experiences downfalls. After a certain time, it needs to be shut down.


, employees should be selected based on their worthiness not, their clothes.

To conclude, a successful corporation is


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one where proprietors ignore every unnecessary thing


as dress code and only cares about their worker_s qualities. As mentioned earlier in the essay, I hold the view that an employee_s excellence should be highlighted not what they are wearing because well-dressed people might not have the adeptness required by an establishment.

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