Some people suggest that children do not understand the world of work and schools should make all teenager spend a short time working as well as studying acamedemic subjects. To what extent do you agree?

In modern days, it is suggested that children are not exposed much to the world of


so schools should encourage their students doing part-time jobs when going to school.



is quite reasonable, I partly disagree with the statement.

To start with, students who do out-of-school jobs would become overwhelmed due to the amount of workload they are given.


could give rise to less concentration on class or sleep deprivation,


the bad scores the students get.


, there would


be less job prospects in the future due to the lack of knowledge they acquired.

For instance

, children in rural areas of Vietnam who


in the early stage of their lives have no educational qualifications and are more likely to become compulsory physical workers in the future, who put a lot of effort but have very low income.

On the other hand



could allow the students to have a better


experience. The teenagers who are used to working early would be more advantageous later on in their jobs.


is because they were so familiar with the tasks given in the past or they have some fundamental foundation of the future occupation.

For example

, one case in point is Bill Gates, who used to employ as a computer programmer when he was in secondary schools. By mastering many prompts in the past, he and his colleagues have created the well-known Microsoft company which makes millions of dollars per annum.

In conclusion, despite the


experience, early part-time jobs would increase the workload for students, thereby reducing the effectiveness when studying. I believe that a student_s performance is much more crucial than acquiring


experience and


, I partly disagree with the statement.

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