Some people say that teenagers should work part-time and earn money. This way they will learn basic lessons about work and become more disciplined. Others argue that teenagers shouldn_t sacrifice their rest and after-school activities to work. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is true that the question of whether juveniles are in need of undertaking a partial job or feel at ease and join other activities remains a source of controversy. While many people believe that the youth should become more self-controlled thanks to after-school jobs, I would argue that focusing on necessary facets for their academic work is much better.

There are many plus points for taking a part-time job as a teenager.


, it is in the workplace environment that young adults could gain invaluable experience which could not get at school. Those could be self-discipline or flexibility, which is likely to lay for the students a firm foundation of work-related perception afterwards.


, having a job means that the adolescents are able to make their own extra money on monthly basis, and


money could be paid for what they call for.

As a result

, the youngsters would mitigate the state of


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shortage of parental financial support.

On the other hand

, I believe that having time for activities after school or just relax is better in some ways. One of the merits is that in general, the more they focus on schoolwork, the better results they get.

For example

, there are many clubs that do not only give a chance for their members to have fun but


assist them with how to put theoretical lessons into practice.


, in return, is a precious asset for them in the long run.

In addition

, many pieces of research show that it is of


age group that could develop physical traits,


as height, weight in an effective way.


means that teenagers should frequently spend time working out to live a healthy and balanced life.

In conclusion, it seems to me that at their age, learning is the ultimate goal that teenagers all need to achieve.


, they should not let themselves be tempted into money and ignore their study duty.

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