Some people say that public libraries are an important resource and should be free .Others say that they are just a waste of public money. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Whether or not public libraries are significant for the whole society, is becoming increasingly controversial.While some individuals consider that these are an inevitable resource for the general people, others believe that these are a mere wastage of people capital.


essay will discuss both sides of the argument in depth and argue that these are a warehouse of knowledge, and can never be insignificant.

To commence with, a vast majority of people claim it, as an important human resource, and


think that their services should be made free.Since ample of books on distinct subjects can be found in these storehouses, and anyone can explore reading materials according to their own taste and the requirements.Even those who are from impoverished family backgrounds, and cannot afford to purchase expensive paper books.They can simply visit there and can read in the peaceful ambience of the library.


, reading is an active activity that involves imagination and creativity,



essay agrees with


perspective so that concentration power of the individuals can be enhanced.


, if these sources are made available free to the masses, numerous people can acquire their benefits.


, their view is justified.

In contrast

, another section of the community strongly opposes the above argument, and believe that it is nothing more than a waste of public revenue.The main reason for


, perhaps, is the continuous development of technology.

As a result

, e-books have become ubiquitous, and these days, individuals can download those and take advantage without much effort.


essay disagrees with


approach because electronic books cannot substitute the traditional paper one.Despite some advantages, the disadvantages of e-books cannot be neglected.As it can cause eye strain and excessive use can damage the vision of the eyes.

In conclusion,


the society is divided on the opinion of utilization of libraries as an asset, I firmly believe these serve as an enlightening purpose for the whole community and cannot be regarded as a misuse of person_s taxes.

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