Some people say that children given pocket money every week will have fewer money problems when they become adults. Do you agree or disagree?

It is considered by some that giving children the experience of managing money will result to fewer dilemmas in their adult time. In my view, I agree with them.

One good reason to allow children to handle money on their own is that it educates them to be a wise spender. As early as possible, they can learn the proper spending.

For instance

, when purchasing a product, they would know the correct amount that they need to pay and would know how to compute the overall expenses weekly.


skill is essential when they become adults as they will be experts in dealing with budgeting.

Another is that it


teaches them the proper way of saving. Children would be able to know how and when to save.

For example

, when a child likes to purchase something, he would know how much to save every week in order to reach the goal, which is the exact price of the item he desires.


attitude would be useful in adulthood, as he is used to saving for his necessities.


, children would know how to be independent and make decisions of their own. Since children are trained to handle money, they can enhance their good decision making skills. To illustrate, they would know if an item is important for purchasing or not.


, it can develop independently. Children may not need to ask help from parent in solving financial problems.

As a result

, when they have problems during their adult life, they can stand on their own.

In conclusion, children in their adolescent stage should start managing budget their own expenses in order to gain knowledge about the appropriate way of spending and saving finances.

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