Some people say that a special tax should be put on food and drinks with high levels of added sugar. Others disagree. Diacuss both views and give your own opinion

There is really a debated issue that the modern world has a huge heap of edible products that are threatening public health including many unhealthy ingredients as well as carbohydrates. And some demand the officials to deposit a special pay on them.


, people who disapprove of


view consider


way as damageable for the economy of the authority. In


essay, I will reveal both sides of the argument.

On the one ,hand criticals argue that implementing a special payment on snacks and drinks may ruin the statistic indexes of the state.


, it can lead the foodstuff industry to reduce the rates of producing



that is

always the kings of consuming products.


, it undoubtedly has a negative impact on the political budget, especially when it comes to drinks. Take the world’s most popular beverage, coca-cola, as an example. Even though it has a high level of


, the public’s consistent demand for it involves more manufacturing and selling which surely benefit the power.

On the other hand

, many citizens are in favour of introducing a special pay for these food merchandise food merchandises food merchandise with much


as they are anxious about the health of society. What I mean by


is that since lots of serious diseases like diabetes and obesity are frequently caused and worsened by meals and drinkable things like sweets and sparkling things including mostly


, applying a tax as a tool can work to decline these dangers among the population.

For instance

, if manufacturers minimize the production of


involved goods, there will be some limitations for people’s everyday acquisition of


type of cuisine and beverage.

To conclude,


a special tax on some fare and drinks like sweets and coke affects the economy, as


goods really tend to destroy the health rate of the world, the introduction of taxes aids to eliminate some of them. Personally, I believe that the governments should adopt



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