Some people say modern innovations bring lot of problem than benefits? Do you agree or disagree?

The world has taken a huge jump in the field of technology and the civilization has been seeing wonderful discoveries, from smartphones to space discoveries.


with some inventions, sometimes there exists few repercussions; I still believe that the technological revolution of the contemporary globe is a boon for humanity.

The most primary advantage of science is, undoubtedly, it has increased the comfort and convenience in life.

For instance

, the invention of air-crafts have made travel easy in any part of the planet.


, interacting with any person is no more a challenge due to voice and video calling feature of newly invented smartphones.


, the trade and business have prospered, making people aware of different countries. During the old days, people faced the challenge of distance and time, so even countrywide trades were not flourishing.


, no


limitations exist now, which definitely compels to highlight the beneficial for the world owing to technical advancement.


, the space science has blessed the field of weather forecasting. During the medieval era, people did not know about climatic changes in advance; making people lose their lives in case of sudden calamities.


, nowadays the weather is forecasted well in-advance.


, the benefits of


invention can never be ignored.

For example

, recently in June 2019 India has faced the strongest tropical cyclone named Vayu cyclone has done comparatively lesser damage than past calamities due to the exact weather forecasting, entities were moved from the area which was found in danger


no human harm occurred.

On the other hand

, there are a few drawbacks of innovations,


as youth misusing the telecommunication for unproductive reasons.

In other words

, many people seem to occupy themselves on smartphones.


, they are wasting their energy playing games and communicating with virtual friends.


, the invention of air-travel has led to air traffic and space pollution, which has hazardous ramifications.

In conclusion, undeniably, the world has become a better place to live with comfort because of these advancements.


, I firmly believe that creative ideas should be encouraged, and it is more a blessing than a curse for overall civilization.

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