Some people say it is important to keep your home and workplace tidy, with everything organized and in the correct place. What is your opinion?

A neat and clean surrounding makes one feel good. Many people consider it important to keep their


and workplace tidy. I


believe it to be the right practice to follow.

For some people, the cleanliness of their


is important due to the hygiene factor.

For example

, I believe that if I will keep my kitchen neat with everything organised in a suitable manner, it would help me in maintaining the proper hygiene of my kitchen. On contrary, if things are not kept at the right place, they can harm us too.

For instance

, if a sharp object is lying on the floor, it might injure someone who does not see it and steps over it.


it is essential to keep


clean by keeping things in an organised way.


, tidiness should be maintained in the workplace as well.


, untidiness does not leave a good impression of a person on his colleagues. And


, if things are not properly organised on the desk,


there are chances that one might either misplace or lose the important documents.

For example

, a fellow colleague of mine lost the list of guests given to her by the manager for sending out the invitations.


happened because her desk was not organised and everything was clattered everywhere.

As a result

, she faced embarrassment and now everything thinks of her as an irresponsible girl.

To conclude, in my opinion,it is quite essential for everyone to take care of cleanliness at


as well as at the office because it a good habit to adopt.

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