Some people say History is one the most important school subjects. Other people think that, in today_s world, subjects like Science and Technology are more important than History. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

In recent times, students have to study a significant number of subjects at school. History is said

that is

more important than the subject while others believe that learning related to the


and science has more than benefits than history.


essay will be discussed about both arguments and I will give my own opinion on the matter.

On the one hand, it is ought to be important for the students to gain the knowledge about the ancient time in school.

To begin

with, the modern life we live in originates from our ancestors without the knowledge and helpful information we provide by the previous generations, it will be a challenge for our generations to achieve cutting-edge achievements like what we have.


, studying History helps to preserve the traditions and cultural identity, to create a unique point of each nation between the generations.

For example

, students will be taught about the history of the dance or the songs of the ethnic minorities through the images so traditional activities will be conserved.

On the other hand

, we cannot deny the fact that our world is as it right now due to increase the science and




studying science and


in school would provide us with the practical knowledge, which can be a good tool to help us in the future life.


, our lives have become more convenient and comfortable thanks to the development of



For instance

, in the past, it took a month to send the letter to each other, but nowadays, we can send it by smartphones, which can access the Internet to send the messages in a



To sum up,


Science and


bring a numerous of benefits for the students future life in the long term, it is


necessary for them to gain historical information to know more about cultural traditions.

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