Some people prefer to travel around town by car, while others prefer public transit such as bus, train, or subway. Discuss both these positions and give your own opinion.

People have different views about how can be advantageous for them to commute by car


of public transportation . While others argue that taking public transportation has multiple benefits more than cars . In my opinion , I take the view that cars remain the best way of travelling.

On the one hand , there are several reasons that why individuals prefer to take public transit while travelling.


, it remains an economical way for travelling because it helps drivers to reduce the cost of buying , maintaining and running their vehicles and


it helps them to save their money .


, public transport can affect less the environment because it reduces the use of automobiles and


decreasing the emissions of harmful gases ,


as carbon dioxide .

For example

, one full train can take more than six- hundred cars on the road .

That is

why common transport can be saving money and environment .

On the other hand

, in spite of these arguments , I take the view that automobiles remain the best way of travelling. The strongest argument is that it provides flexibility and freedom of the move .

In other words

, people can drive their own vehicles at any place and any time which is convenient for them .

For example

, they can bring their loved pets within them in automobiles without any difficulties .


, it provides comfort while travelling.

For instance

, persons can enjoy listening to their preferable music or reading books which remain difficult to do on collective transports .

In conclusion , despite that public transportation may bring several merits to individuals . I believe that travelling by car remains the best choice because it provides the flexibility , freedom and the comfort of moving to other places.

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