Some people prefer to help or support directly in the local community for people who need it; however, others prefer to give money to the national or private charities. Discuss both views and give your own opinions.

Nowadays some individuals rather support or


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those in need in the regional community than giving money to national or private charities. While others prefer to do it vice versa. In my opinion, helping a local community to aid local inhabitants who need it, is improves the live quality of a particular region, whereas national or private charities pursue national or global supporting projects.


, promoting a local aid organisation can be done by spending earnings and/or providing personal support on-site. If someone is busy but has plenty of financial resources and still wants to improve the regional standard of living, they can donate cash.


revenue could be used for building accommodations for


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the homeless

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population, buying food and clothes or constructing educational facilities.


, participants who want personally assists have the possibility,

for instance

, to distribute food or clothes to the vulnerable.

On the other hand

, national or private charities,


as UNICEF, Médecins Sans Frontiers or Greenpeace, try to combat global suffering,



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famine, epidemics, violence against children or women, child labour, environmental protection, animal welfare etc. Donating money to those institutions reduce global suffering and help people around the world. Even if many individuals only make a small donation, a lot of earnings can be raised to improve living conditions worldwide.

In conclusion, assisting a local community aims to help vulnerable local human beings, whether personally or by donating money, while giving it to a national or private charity is used to combat and even reduce global suffering.

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