Some people like to live in cities while others say that countryside is better. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

It is believed that some public would like to live in a crowded city while others consider that villages are the best option way to live.


essay will discuss both of these statements.

To begin

with the


point, the advantageous side of living in cities is the people are able to take a closer approach do the best jobs as well as the developing world they live in. The


and foremost reason to live in new places like a crowded city is available for people who are really wanted to know about the latest technology.

For instance

, individuals are able to use technology devices that they always want to use


as mobile phones, laptops, iPad and others,


involving some kind of internet connection is awesome in the city_s condition.

On the other hand

, attempting the


thesis, inhabitants who are living in the countryside are really delighted with their position in general. The main reason is that village_s climate is so peaceful and crystal clear.


, if the person prefers to accommodate in the countryside who is able to live a long time without any medical treatment, because there is , no air pollution and traffic congestion.

As a result

, being in a village population is better than living cities conditions.

To sum up, from my personal perspective, it depends on people_s beliefs and characteristics.


those who feel like living on a planet that will be


of all convenient version of living cities_ conditions and countryside areas as well.

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