Some people believe that we succeed in sport do to our inborn talent. Others argue that continues working on oneself is a key success. What do you think?

The success factor of a sportsman has always been a controversial


. Few people believe that the innate talent is the reason for achievement while others concur that continual working is a key factor.


essay will examine both the views and the reason why I agree that hard work is a much needed


to excel in sport.

To begin

with, those people who advocate that inborn talent is enough for a person to become a successful sportsman have their own justifiable reasons.



, few sports really do not need great effort or practice to win a game. Running,

for example

, apparently, those people from African continent are sprinters by nature and they easily compete and win other people.

In addition

to that, they believe that only having the physical strength will make an athlete to achieve higher in their games.

For instance

, to become a successful basketball player, they think the height is the only needed qualification.

Having said that, others and I believe that hard work and continuous practice are the success formula to reach the goal of victory in any games. A player can never be a successful


without the dedication and perpetual working.


, even though if someone is not with the inborn talent, he or she can improve their skills and succeed by doing the regular practice. To illustrate, Sachin Tendulkar, a greatest Cricket player of


era, reached a milestone where no


can reach him.


success never came to him in an easy way. He practiced a lot with dedication for at least 5 to 6 hours a day, which made him as a unique batsman than others. Evidently, hard work and dedication are the key formula to win.

In summary, I would like to reiterate my views,


few sportsmen are achieved with only their innate ability, only those who continually practicing to improve their skills can taste the victory for ever.

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