Some people believe that violence on television and in computer games has a damaging effect on society. Others, however, deny that these factors have any significant influence on people’s behaviour. What is your opinion on that issue?

Nowadays, the diversity of television programs and video


allow audiences to enjoy various experiences.


, some groups claim that programs and


that contain cruel fights, wicked thoughts, and bullying might have negative influences on people. From my perspective, I completely agree that audiences might be affected by violent images.


, the below essay will probe the possible reasons and some solvents on



To begin

with, action and thriller shows and


are invented to provide the public with a sense of excitement. Yet, these violent visions might not bring only entertainment but


lead to imitation.

For example

, children and teenagers that have not developed complete personalities and thinking could learn the bad behaviours from the


to tease their classmates for fun. The most dangerous thing is that they might not be aware of these pranks could lead to a lethal attack accidentally on others.


, there is evidence that can be seen on the news that some people with physical problems behaved the same as they learnt from the violent videos.

In fact, if governments want to reduce criminals, which is caused by imitating vicious behaviours from movies and


, they could inhibit particular ages to watch those movies with bad actions seriously.


, every game could print a warning on its packing to inform its consumers or ask players to sign a contract to make sure they will not hurt anyone after they watch the cruel plots. To explain


, players would be punished, if they did something bad to someone.

In summary, though violent videos allow us to experience both scare and excitement, it must not ignore that violation is prohibited in society.

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