Some people believe that universities should only offer places to students with high marks. While others believe that people of all ages should be allowed even if they don_t do well in school. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In today_s world, it is irrefutable that higher education is one of the major need of anyone. There are various factors


as age and grades, which affects the entry to the university. In


essay, I will discourse both views and share my opinion.


, I will explore my view on why only scholars should be allowed and,


I will discuss why everyone interested should be encouraged for university admission and my opinion at the end.

To begin

with, University education needs a higher level of concentration and intellect, which relates to the well grades by some people. As, University education system asks the student to explore the chosen topic by themselves and work towards it in consultation with their instructor.

For instance

, research in the field


sector showed that student with these assets offers better score in the campus placements.

On the other hand

, marks and age should not be considered as a criteria for entrance, as, the bad result of student can be due to some personal problem. These personal problems


as, illness during exam, family issues, financial problem etc., can cause a major impact on the score and a delay in



For example

, health issue during final exam can cause a bad result of the candidate.
In conclusion, there are many reasons why people nowadays emphasis on the admission for only scholars, and there are many positive and negative to


trend. In my opinion, I feel that overall it is much better to allow all persons to graduate and work for a better future.

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