Some people believe that the Olympics games do have a role in the 21st century Do you agree or disagree?

The Olympic games have been widely considered as the most respected sporting championships for a long time. But their significance has been questioned recently by many experts and commoners alike. Others still believe that they have an important role in the sports community.


essay will discuss why I believe that the Olympic games do not hold as much importance now as they did at their inception.
The Olympic games were started to serve as the single most important sporting event of the time. They spanned a duration of several weeks and helped bring international athletes together. Gaining a victory at the Olympics was seen as a major achievement in the world of sports.

In addition

, being given the opportunity to hold these games was


considered a high honour by most countries.


is because


, they were a vital boost to the tourist industry.



, organising the games usually led to

large scale infrastructure development

the large scale infrastructure development



economic development.


, the significance of the Olympic games has decreased in recent times. Many more sporting events have been introduced since




, the Olympics have lost their exclusive status as the only

championship bringing

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championship, bringing

together athletes from all over the world.


, it has been recently realized that it is a vast economic burden for countries to host these games. Many countries have landed in debt trying to maintain the high standards usually expected at these games.


, it has been seen that the sport


an area that is approximately central within some larger region

developed for these games usually fail to serve a purpose once the events have come to a close.


, the promise of economic and infrastructure development is not fulfilled.
In conclusion, I believe that


the Olympic games still serve a purpose as an international sporting event, they do not hold the same position as they did in earlier times.

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