Some people believe that teenagers should concentrate on all school subjects. Others believe that teenagers should focus on the subject that they are best at or that they find the most interesting. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

While some people argue that youngsters should pay attention to all the listed courses in their curriculum, others believe they should focus on the subjects in which they succeed and are of their interest. Even though learning a lot might help


in some ways, I am of the latter opinion.

Nowadays, an increasing number of people support the idea of learning every course provided in-depth at school.


, they believe


approach may help


enlarge their horizons and be educated in many fields,

as a result

, teenagers can have a clear view of their desires when it comes to choosing a profession.


, supporters believe that if


were familiar with the concepts about various aspects of life,


as physics, art, economics, they would not only be good at their professional life, but


they could handle problems effectively in their personal daily life.


, opponents of


argument, including me,


of learning everything, youngsters should concentrate on learning what they are able


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to and

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love. When


only focus on what they really care about, they start to feel confident and by


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the study hours tend to be more efficient. Teenagers of similar tastes can form groups, and as they feel more open to one another, they actively participate in the classes.


, having classes only which teenagers are capable of doing will help them to not lag behind their peers, contrary they will have a chance to learn what they really can.

To conclude, despite some argue that school-aged children should learn all their classes, I support the idea that human beings have some limitations of their capabilities


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so that


should only focus


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on what

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they choose.

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