Some people believe that technology has made man more social. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Experts throughout both the developing and developed world have debated whether the advent of sophisticated modern


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types of machinery
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as mobile phones, laptops and iPad have helped to enhance and improve people_s social lives or whether the opposite has become the case. Personally, I strongly advocate the former view.


essay will discuss both sides using examples from the UK government and Oxford University to demonstrate points and prove arguments.

On the one hand

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there is ample, powerful, almost daily evidence that


machinery can be detrimental especially to the younger generation who are more easily affected by its addictive nature and which can result in people feeling more isolated from the society. The central reason behind


is twofold,


, the invention of online social media sites and apps,


as Twitter and Facebook have reduced crucial face-to-face interactions dramatically. Through


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se of these appealing and attractive mediums, people feel in touch and connected yet lack key social skills and the ability to communicate.


, dependence on


devices is built up frighteningly easily which may have a damaging effect on mental health and encourage a sedentary lifestyle.

For example

, recent scientific research by the UK government demonstrated that 90% of people in their 30s spend over 20 hours per week on Messenger and similar applications to chat with their friends


of meeting up and spending quality time together or doing sport.

As a result

, it is conclusively clear that these technological advancements have decreased and diminished our real-life interactions.

On the other hand



there are significant downsides to technological developments, its_ multifold advantages cannot be denied.




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the popularity of machinery


as cellphones allows people to connect freely and easily with no geographical barriers. People are able to share any type of news, information, photos and opinions with their loved ones whenever and wherever they want


keeping a feeling of proximity and closeness.

For example

, an extensive study by Oxford University illustrated that people who work, or study abroad and use applications like Facetime and WhatsApp to chat with their families, are less likely to experience loneliness and feel out of the loop than those who do not. Consistent with


line of thinking is that businessmen are


undoubtedly able to benefit from these advances by holding virtual real-time meetings using Skype which may increase the chance of closing business deals without the need to fly.

From the arguments and examples given I firmly believe that overall communication and mans_ sociability has been advanced enormously due to huge the huge technological progress of the past twenty years and despite some potentially serious health implications which governments should not fail to address, it is predicted that its popularity will continue to flourish in the future.

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