Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child_s development while others think that it is important for children to go to school.

Education plays a major role in a child_s life.It is often convinced that, children attending regular school have a positive impact on them, whereas, others assure homeschooling helps to develop in their own time. In


essay, I will analyse the benefits of both the methods and conclude with my opinion.

To begin

with, research suggests that physical school has proven to be effective and successful, due to the significant output on a learner.

In addition

to academics, regular school contributes largely in sports and reforms them into a good team player.

For example

, the Great Cricket player ‘Kumar Sangakkara_, he was not only famous for his sports skills but professionally a lawyer. He showed keen interest on cricket,

as a result

, his institute


provided him with training from which he bloomed into a world recognized player.


, the academy is the setting to learn self-discipline, cultural differences and learn to tolerate different views. Generally, it helps them to set targets and work towards it by the observation of teachers.



on the other hand

, Homeschooling has been in practice throughout years, as many people cannot afford the high fees


, they choose to train their children at home. It proves to be an effective method up to a certain age, as children can learn at their own pace which includes flexible timings and gradually master their weakness.

For instance

, some special needs children need to be given extra time, love and care which certainly can be provided only by homeschooling, because they require tailor made programs.

To conclude, Homeschooling and regular faculty has both their pros and parents need to evaluate their decision according to their circumstances and child_s individual needs.

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