Some people believe that taxing companies, which cause it, is the best way to reduce industrial pollution while some suggest that there are several other ways to solve this trouble. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

In recent times, the hazardous waste emitted by organizations had a detrimental impact on the environment. To reduce


phenomenon few individuals believe that levying a high tax would help to combat


situation, whereas others argue that alternative methods should be adopted.


essay intends to discuss both perspectives. I,


, opine with the lateral view.

To begin

with, imposing heavy charges on corporations would help the government to have enough capital for cleaning up and reducing pollution.

In addition



amount collected from factories would help the governing authority to employ correct equipment for eradicating industrial waste. Following


, it would


put pressure on the industries to reduce perilous extracts to save themselves from paying a hefty tax.

For example

, studies suggest that companies imposed with ponderous taxes have later reduced emitting pollutant particles by 40%.

On the contrary

, the country_s high authorities can mandate firms to set up effluent-treatment plants.


, subsidies can be provided for


projects to motivate manufacturers.

For instance

, the water contamination caused by effluents from chemical industries is controlled to a great extent by implementing plans for treating the pollutants.


, a law should be passed to plant several trees around these private operational bodies.

As a result

, plants help to reduce the dangerous gases in the air,


, purifying it. As an example, in Singapore, strict rules of planting trees around every industry has helped them to be a pollution-free nation.

To conclude, the benefit of taxation implied to overcome the exploitation of nature can be limited,


, the gains achieved by the substitutional measures


as tree plantation and subsidizing the pollutant-treatment project are overpowering.

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