Some people believe that more academic subjects such as chemistry, physics and history should be taught in schools, while others believe that students will drive more benefits from studying practical subjects, such as motor mechanics, electricity engineering or cooking. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, the question of whether students should learn academic subjects


as math, chemistry, history or practical subjects has been receiving a great deal of public attention. In my opinion,


studies academic subjects is not without advantages,


refers to the speaker or writer

do suppose that vocational subjects will be far more considered.
There are a variety of reasons for studying academic subjects.


, since most graduates expect to land a decent job down the road, having access to academic courses is necessary. In fact, most high-salaried workers are required to have a complex understanding of their disciplines, which can only achieve if they have taken academic courses.


, by learning these subjects, students can continue their higher education.


means that they are armed with the fundamental knowledge to do research or study, which is conducive to humans_ innovations and developments later.


, practical subjects


as mechanics and cooking are necessary for the majority of people.


, since learning these subjects allow the majority to make a living as soon as possible, many are inclined to opt these courses without committing 4 years of college. In fact, they can start working and earning money to raise their family and support themselves once being armed with practical skills for manual jobs, which soon improve their quality of life.


, solid practical experience is emphasized as a key factor contributing to promotion in one_s career path.

For instance

, in order to be a restaurant manager, one is required to gain a certain number of years of experiences, which is not considered to the bachelor_s degree.
In conclusion,


academic courses are important to some, practical ones are crucial for most. By considering all the pros and cons of each course, students should be able to find their best approach.

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