Some people believe that modern technology brings a lot more problems than advantages. Do you agree or disagree?

No one can deny that there are both positive and negative aspects of modern innovation. If I were forced to choose, I would definitely be against


development. It is my firm belief that modern technology affects our life in a negative way for a number of reasons, and I will develop these ideas in the subsequent paragraphs.


, our life with modern technology could be more harmful rather than helpful for our health. Using devices every day for a long period will affect your body badly. If everyone sits in front of a device for hours and does not move and stretch their muscles, they will lose their sight and be fat. Drawing from my own experience, my brother is addicted to video games. He used to play call of duty more than 6 hours per day, which leads to gain weight and damage his eyes because of lack of movement, eating a lot of food while he sits and harmful radiation which released from the tv screen. That makes him think about the consequences with playing and sitting around the devices without doing anything could help him in the future to be a successful man who seek for the success;


in addition

, he put rules to himself to do limit time for playing,


, he plays 2 hours and just for three times a week and he joined the gym to do exercise to lose his weight.It is certainly clear that up to date machines could be a dilemma to our health.


, with the development, the


has many evil users. We can face many problems


as exploitation and being infiltrated by unknown people. We can shop and open businesses, which raise the percentage of


thieves. There are numerous cases about


matter, which means that many people have experienced


issue and were subjected to theft. Thereby, with the beneficial purposes of the


it has to have many negative impacts.

For example

, a girl opened a coffee shop in our district. She dreamt to be an entrepreneur, unfortunately, she got stolen. She shared her personal information


as bank account information with an anonymous person that helped the thief to steal her money she had gained from her business.

As a result

, she did not trust anyone and she kept her secrets and her personal information for herself.


, she never gave up and she started over her work again after she got betrayed and lost a ton of money. For




can have a shot impact on our lives and can tear us apart because a lot of hackers can hack our accounts.

In light of the above mentioned reasons, I strongly believe that up to date technology affects our health and emotional life in a considerably negative way.

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