Some people believe that it is important for young children to go to school as soon as possible. Others, however, believe that children should be allowed to stay at home and play until they are six or seven years old. Which viewpoint do you agree with?

Some often argue to keep babies at home and engage themselves in gaming before 6/7
Ages while remaining community opine to send them to school very earlier. My writing
Agrees that young children should be kept at home until 7 years old.


essay is going to


, basic information comes from family as well as it is gained at an early age and



, it increases affection to family bondage. Family is the best primary school to teach their babies basic teaching. To illustrate, an early
Aged child needs to have some basic life leading educations which are taught from family at
Their younger age and


time are perfect to gain any discipline due to having sharper talent
To understand anything. Babies unconsciously follow the lifestyles of their parents and often
They are governed by many seniors in a family,


might not happen for other members
As they are blood connected people. If they are sent to school before 7, they obviously get
The touch of outer knowledge and practical lives, but it may lead them in wrong ways to. UN
Reported that almost 20% Asian children pursue their adult lives roughly because of getting
Fewer family touches at younger age.To increase strong ancestry,

in contrast

, investing more time with family especially at
Younger period plays a key role. It means, when a baby plays with family members and pass
Time with them,


automatically gives them the sense of strong bondage. He learns
Manner and behaviours which offer him the practical affection to family and enhance love to
His total ancestry.


. Whatever is taught at younger period, these are set precisely in
Brain and


influence children at mature lives. UK is a prime example where majority
Under 18 Youngers are not taken care from family nicely and almost 50% older parents do
Not get support from their offspring, but live from government support.
To conclude, in spite of having numerous controversy, it seems to me that children should
Stay home until they are 7/8 years old because it helps improving their fundamental
Schooling and develops the brotherhood in a family.

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