Some people believe that it is better to live and work in vertical cities. Others, however, think that horizontal cities are better for living and working. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Vertical cities are the cities which small space is used in many facilities so there are many high buildings. Horizontal cities are the cities that use large area to build city facilities. In horizontal cities, there are some high building.

There are two opinions about life and do the


on different type of cities. These different opinions usually happen to people who had a different type of


. The example, officers usually like to live in vertical cities.


could happen because on vertical cities, there are apartment and office in one area so they can save the time to move. Another opinion come from people, which has profession as a farmer. The farmer doesn_t like to live in vertical cities. They will spend their time on horizontal cities because in horizontal cities, there are many fields which can be used for product many kinds of vegetables, fruits, and rice. If farmer lives in vertical cities, they will get problems about the area that may be used in production.

The conclusion about better live in vertical or horizontal cities will not be met if there are people who has a different type of


give opinions. Cities which have been supporting facilities of our


is the best choice. Different


has different supporting facilities, so we should decide to live in horizontal or vertical cities based on our


. We should think about the cities which will be lived. If we take wrong choice we will spend much money to move to other cities.

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