Some people believe that face to face communication is always more powerful than written communication. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your own opinion and include relevant examples.

Technology has been the main reason for different changes. Some group of people believe that communicate in a reality is more powerful than virtually. I partly agree with that statement . In


essay,I shall elaborate on the topic



On the one hand, nowadays in modern reality,every conversation can be virtual through the camera of a device, independent of the distance between speakers.

That is

why it is a good opportunity to make new friends and it does not impact on the quality of dialogue.

For instance

, because of the covid-19 situation in the world, all people should use the application


as skype or zoom for communication which does not have any effect on the relationship between people.


,the time that people spent on using smartphones had increased.

On the other hand

, from my point of view, that style of conservation can damage the quality of gramma. In the internet space,people do not follow grammar rules because if an individual does that ,it will take a too long time.


, that issue has consequences


as misunderstanding and decline of the illiterate.

For example

, after interaction in-network with mems and emoji during the month , very hard to start to speak in academic language.

To sum up, I think that communication is building block of strong and cleaver society.

That is

why very important provide all conditions for interaction even virtual. The virtual and face to face interaction have the same level of essence.

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