Some people believe that excessive use of modern technologies such as computers and smartphones is negatively affecting the reading and writing skills of our young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Technology has evolved tremendously in the twentieth century. It is evident that with the advancement of modern tech, its utilization has


been increased and some people think that


has impacted the young generation_s reading and writing skills negatively. I agree with


belief and the below paragraphs will describe my agreement


in detail.


, the rampant use of computers in schools and colleges plays a major role in creating


situation. In the past, teaching techniques included reading lessons from textbooks and writing classwork from the blackboard.


exercises in the class helped the children in developing their academic abilities.


, these ways of learning are completely changed today owing to the invention and ease access of internet.

For example

, online classes, video tutorials and presentations have made pen and paper obsolete. Because of


, students


smart they are, find it difficult to read and write even though the concepts of their study topic are clear and concise in their heads.


, mobile phones have


contributed to


adversity. Writing a letter to a distant loved one has become ancient.


sending a short text with the smartphone is a trend in fashion.

In addition

, while utilising online platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, a practice of using short forms, autocorrect and internet slang is developed which in turn is impairing language skills badly.


, most individuals find it very difficult to spell even a simple word correctly without any help from an app.

All in all, it is true to say that the drastic increase in the use of modern technologies like smartphones and laptops is detrimental to the reading and writing skills of youngsters.

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