Some people believe that developments in the field of artificial intelligence will have a positive impact on our lives in the near future. Others, by contrast, are worried that we are not prepared for a world in which computers are more intelligent than humans.

In the context of today_s rapidly advancing automation, the advent of artificial agility is one the emerging technologies which significantly affect the growth of human. While some argue that


development will be a main factor to cause more pressing problems, I strongly agree that the progressions of AI definitely are the blessing for our


generation and upcoming.
On the one hand, it is undeniable to say that the thinking-computer system become a potential threat to human survival because its superior intelligence is gradually taking control of human. In a little more detail, replacement of humans with machines can be a worrying concern which lead to large-scale unemployment. Indeed, with its mechanical nature and available knowledge, people cannot compare with AI in term of working efficiency and proficiency in all areas. When people highly depend on the machine, they will lose their creative power and will be slaves of modern machinery. Another point is that automation does not have any emotions and moral values. It is only set up to perform available program and cannot make the judgment of right or wrong.


, if humans start considering to use it in war, it can become a scarily devastating weapon posing a serious threat to the entire world.

On the other hand

, apart from the possible drawbacks, I believe that the considerable advantages would wipe out the disadvantages of AI. Most entrepreneurs reckon that the investment for digital


marks an obvious advance in today_s economy. They can save an amount of necessary labour cost with the help of machine intelligence, machines think faster than humans and can be put into multi-tasking. Machine intelligence can be


employed to carry out dangerous tasks


as coal mining, rescue operations, fire extinguishing,

as a result

, fetal deaths are decreasing considerably.


, AI technology can be applied to medical science that help doctors assess the patient_s health-related data and intimates the risk factors to the customers via the health care devices. Robotics can simulate the functionality of the human brain, it is the premise for the innovating measure in the treatment of neurological diseases without damaging the unaffected surrounding tissues.


, AI technology is constructive to society when properly adapted to daily life.
In conclusion, from my prospective,


progress in the field of artificial perception still contains potential risks, I think that


innovation would cause more good than harm. If we use it in the right way, it will open a new horizon for the


generation in the near future.

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