Some people believe it is essential to include Physical Education classes in the curriculum for all school-age children. Others think that children_s time is better spent on more academic subjects. Discuss both views and give your opinion

The ability to find


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alance between mental and physical health has been discussed in school communities for the past years. Is exercising the body fundamental to get good grades since it takes mental effort to solve math problems? Or is


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sports part of the cognition process to achieve higher performance in studies? These questionings are essential to understand whether Physical Education classes must be included or not in


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chool curriculum.

Physical Education has been integrated


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the school curriculum for decades. Improving academically means to not only sit down,


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ead texts and answer questions yet stand up, go outside, and get the body into movement. Abilities


as creativity, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, computational thinking


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as much from body endurance as mental cognition. Students who find equilibrium in their routine to improve both are expected to reach




, there are academic subjects which Physical Education does not directly affect


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cognitive development. Academic examinations usually evaluate the candidate_s cognition based on their ability to solve math, science, or another regular subject.


, it is common for people to focus on studying and getting good grades only by answering problems and not working out since it will not make


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ubstantial difference.

As an educator, I believe in the sense of stability found in keeping good physical and mental wellbeing.

21st century

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abilities call for providing the student and future worker with not only intellectual, emotional, or perceptual aptitudes but with physique strength. Students must be allowed to experience all kinds of skills provided by education, so they are able to build confidence in what they are good at.

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