Some people believe it is best to speak while others believe writing is better way of communication. Do you agree or disagree?

The conversation has become an extremely influential tool in today_s world. There are numerous types of transmission resources available,


as writing an application, having a face-to-face exchange. While a number of people say that the best form to communicate is to interact verbally whereas, others are of the view that writing an application is the best way.


I agree and believe that face-to-face interaction is extremely essential, the procedure the letter is written cannot be ignored.


, face-to-face conversations are a great form of communication. No other medium of link can imitate the verbal comment that can take place.

For example

, if two people discuss a topic in front of each other, the conclusion is extremely clear.


, if a colleague of an office has difficulty understanding the logic behind any resolution for the obstacle

that is

presented in front of him by another, he can express it at the same time.

As a result

, the other person will be able to change the manner he or she explains their point of view


, making it completely understandable and


, will be able to solve any problem easily.


, the written conversation has its own distinct significance. It is difficult to facilitate a conference in which a person is able to express himself properly prior to presenting his point of view to others through written transmission. In numerous departments, all the paperwork is done by having written transmission, which is submitted to the government as a written proof as per the instructions.

For example

, in a court of law, in cases like bankrupts, the entire account of deposits in bank accounts is kept in written form as conclusive evidence


, it can be presented in any future proceedings.


, I totally agree that verbal interaction has its prominent significance in contact. Written statements are as necessary as verbatim while dealing with government sectors. Each of them has their essential role in a specific sector.

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