some people argue that it is the best to accept bab situation, such as unsatisfied factory job or shortage of money. other believe that it is better to try and improve such situations discuss both views and give your opinion.



day and age, there are those who believe that it is better to try the satisfied things or fix the failed situation, while others opine that the best way is the accepting the bad event whether the low salary or unexpected job. Personally, both views will be examined throughout the following paragraphs.

There are some justifications why people accept their situations, even the bad things as same as insufficiency of money. As a


point, some people argue that it is too late to fix their problems, especially the people who are not stable financial parent statement which make them have less choices. Some people graduate the high school, so it is difficult to have high positions in their jobs. They only can do the best of their abilities and aim to work hard to keep the deposit for in future plans.

According to the other perspective, supporters opine that there are other options could be better so, improvement brings out the several advantages

In conclusion, even through certain people are satisfied with their status even they are not, both of statements still are the controversial discussion with the people demand improving. In my point of view, I totally realise that if people improve their skills or abilities which lead to the higher salary as same as high position obviously.

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