Some people argue that individuals_ freedom should be in accordance with laws and rules, otherwise, society cannot function as it should be. To what extent do you agree or disagree?



day and age, more and more contemporary attention has been placed on the opinion that all countries in the world have their own rules and laws, so each person_s freedom should adhere to them.


, others suppose that liberty is a humans_ right and cannot be controlled by regulations. From my perspective, I subscribe to the former idea for the following reasons.



cause is that laws and rules play a vital role in securing the safety of a nation. To be more specific, if individuals are allowed to do everything they want,


will interrupt social order. Take the Covid 19 pandemic in America as an example.


the American government has forced their inhabitants to wear the mask in public, many of them are disobedient because they suppose that they have the liberty of deciding to wear mask whether or not. As an inevitable consequence, the figure for patients suffering from the Covid virus in America


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been rising significantly, directly posing a threat to


country_s society

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one is that if freedom is out of control, residents_ health will be negatively affected.


can be explained by the fact that it may render people difficulties in controlling their emotion, so they are likely to be susceptible to developing bad habits and definitely, without having restrictions in


problem, residents will immerse themselves in unhealthy lifestyles.

For instance

, inhabitants usually have a habit of driving their personal vehicles after drinking beer and wine and if the authority does not have a ban on


dangerous habit, the frequency of appearing traffic accidents will be extremely high, putting people in life-threatening situations.

In conclusion, with all reasons mentioned above, I strongly believe that it is necessary to form rules and laws in controlling individuals_ freedom.

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