Some people are fond of buying new gadgets, phones or laptops. Is this a good or bad thing? Discuss your opinion.

While it is not doubt that the technology is creating many features for the better life of people around the world of nations. Many individuals like to purchase current gadgets, mobile phones or laptops. The trend of it is increasing day by day.


, others reckon that it has no benefit. I deem that it is the best thing in order to learn something. I will discuss both the viewpoints and


add my specific opinion in the following paragraphs.

Since the technology comes in human_s hand, more and more people utilise to buy different kinds of items.


as mobiles, laptops and gadgets.

For example

, in the modern era, people want to fulfil the needs of their family members throughout earning the money. They sign up their accounts on websites and use to work on it as online. With the help of these kinds of advent, save the time. And


able to do work sitting at their home, where they spend equal time with their family members as well as friends.


, it is very helpful for everyone if they use automation items. People can share their pictures and videos as statues on websites.

For instance

, individuals know very well about everything how to consume the factors of machinery. When they meet any personality during their life. They click pics with them and upload on the internet. What is more, they able to communicate face to face. Because of


, they never feel alone.

To conclude,


the machinery is improving their features with many ways. So I judge that it is a true that many people love to carry gadgets, mobiles, laptops and many more. It is very important for the people buy the items, which can be very useful in order to growth of the people.

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