Some parents want their children to read only serious educational books at all times. They don_t want their children to read any entertaiment books because they think it is wast of time. Do you agree or disagree?

Educational or knowledge based books and resources are preferred by the parents for their kids to be exposed to, in comparison to more playful books which are considered to be of less value by them. I opine that, playful and non-subject related materials are equally important for a child_s growth, along with the subject oriented book resources.

Parents should encourage their kids to read, entertaining study materials more often apart from the course books because the information is presented in a fun, artistic and innovative manner. Children are attracted to


presentations and data read will be impinged to their minds in an efficacious pace when compared to the boring way of presentation in regular course books.




motivate children_s interests, in exploring the knowledge in academic perspective.

Apart from the knowledge, the friendly and playful resources would be a source of relaxation




For instance

, teaching a pre-school toddler the alphabets, numbers or colours in a traditional way by forcing them to study the regular material will not motivate the child as much as the innovative and playful methods


as a book with puzzle cards or pictures where children are encouraged to learn playfully. Children will not be bored


be enthusiastic to read and gain information in a delightful manner.

To summarize, considering the advantages of the entertainment books parents should not neglect the importance of these resources. Along with the subject specific or educational books, the children should be given access to playful books which will improve the concentration and innovation in a child by being a relaxation source.

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