Some parents believe that their children should do educational activities during their free time. Others say that in this way children are under pressure. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some parents hold the view that extra homework after school can be beneficial to their children, whereas others think children may feel stressful if they shoulder the heavy workload.


essay will discuss the pros and cons and conclude with my viewpoint.

Students are required to do some academic-relevant activities as they can have a better understanding of the subjects. It is common that students forget important formulas, concepts and theories. Some extracurricular activities,


as reviewing their class notes, reading loudly and doing practice questions can help school attenders to strengthen their memories of key points. It


enables children to know where their weakness are after they find their mistakes in homework and correct them. In


way, they will get a substantial improvement in exam grades and outperform their peers in the study.

On the other hand

, students may be under high physical and psychological pressure by doing these educational activities. Children usually stay at school and learn various subjects eight hours a day,


as math, chemistry and literature, which can make them feel tired. If they are requested to finish more assignments or academic reading when they go back home, they may be deprived of adequate sleep. Students who lack of sleep may not concentrate on lectures, and their academic performance can be affected if they cannot absorb the knowledge in class.


may cause depression among students.

To conclude, I believe these additional activities can make our children more competitive and prepare them in the job market. We live in a world full of challenges and fierce competition. It is almost impossible for the young to find a good job without a well-recognized degree and strong ability. Unless a child is a genius, he or she must study hard and do homework to achieve better academic results. A child can


go to a prestigious university

as a result

of high academic achievements and find better job opportunities in the future.

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