Some parents are worried about the increasing level of violence in TV, video games, and other types of entertainment for children_s leisure. How does this affect children? How do you think this problem can be tackled?

Today_s youth is highly influenced by television, video games and social media.


, they try to imitate the things shown in news, movies or video games without worrying about its outcome.


essay will discuss how juveniles are being affected by the high rate of cruelty shown on different types of entertainment platforms and will suggest probable solutions to tackle the problem.

To begin

with, the teenager_s mind is being adversely affected by assault shown in On television channels, playing aggressive games,

as a result

of which they try to solve any difficulty with the help of brutality. Nowadays, minors consider reel hero_s depicted in cinema as their real super hero_s and try to replicate their actions.


, rising level of the crimes amongst children has been noticed since few decades.

For example

, games like __pub__ is highly popular amongst the juveniles which is very aggressive source of entertainment.


game has adversely affected minor_s thinking ability to a great extent.


, there are few possible and intact medications to dilute the problem.


, teens should be encouraged to play outdoor games in their leisure time.


, participating in social services like helping poor and elderly people can redirect perception and be motivated.


, they must read inspiring books so that their conscience develop well and get positive vibes.


, parents must hold control of their children and should lock channels showing crimes and violence.

To conclude, brutality shown on television, video games had affected the child_s mind and


their actions have changed. These problems can be tackled by involving juveniles in perception diverting activities.

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