Some employers believe that job applicants’ social skills are more important than their academic qualifications.

Model Answer: [Band 8/9 level sample answer.] , Whether job applicants’ social skills are more important than their academic qualifications is a much-debated issue and employers’ opinions, regarding this, vary. I agree with the opinion that the social skills of candidates are more vital than their academic results, and in this essay, I will explain the reason for this belief. , The benefits of excellent social skills of a job seeker are apparent. Firstly, communication is the key to career success in modern days. This is primarily because the 21st century is best portrayed by constant interaction with different people, no matter the communication media – in person or online. Secondly, the ability to sell products or services is of paramount significance in any business – this requires strong social skills. For example, an employee with excellent social skills is able to have an impact in front of customers or clients; as a result, products or services can be perceived as high-value. Furthermore, employees with better social skills are generally more easy-going, which is very important to the workplace, including the employer. After all, as the saying goes, “Who you work with is as important as what you do.” – An enjoyable work environment needs socially skilful employees.  , In contrast, some employers may claim that academic qualifications are the prerequisite of employment. Apparently, many positions require certain academic qualifications. However, in modern-day society, more and more employers have realised that whether employees can get the results that the business wants is the key to a business’s success. It can be seen that qualifications do not play a key role in this regard.  , In conclusion, I believe employees’ social skills are of extreme importance for a company or organisation. Also, I would suggest employers consider job applicants’ social skills first, which I believe would bring long-term benefits for the company and make a positive impact. , [This essay was written and submitted by Hope]

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